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Sand and Finish

Tired of looking at your old, worn floors? Look no more, call us today and get an estimate to get your floors looking new again! 

We offer dustless sand and finish of newly installed floors and existing floors. We love transforming old floors into beautiful new floors. We offer a variety of colors and finishes you can choose from.

What sand and finish consists of:

  • Floors are striped from all the old finish and surface products previously used on your floors. 

  • Floors will be filled with wood fillers that will cover gaps and any dents and holes floors may have.

  • Floors will be stained and sealed with your choice of color and finish.

Wood Flooring Restoration & Repairs: Services

Wood Flooring Repairs

At Royal Surfaces we offer a variety of repair options:

  • Water damage repairs

    • We can remove, replace and finish your floors ​making them look new again

  • Missing flooring repairs

    • Reconfiguring a room? No problem, we can interlace your existing floors with brand new flooring and finish them.

  • Pre-finished board replacement​​

Not sure if we can help with you repair? Get in touch!

Wood Flooring Restoration & Repairs: Services

Screen and Coat

Screen and coat can remove minor surface scratches, add sheen, and keep floors looking fresh and protected. When floors start to look a bit dull it's time to get them screen and coated. 

It's essential to re-coat floors before the protective coating gets too thin and damage starts to show.

By protecting your floors every few years, you can avoid a prematurely full refinish.

Wood Flooring Restoration & Repairs: Services
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