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Wood Flooring Installation

Everyone has different needs when it comes to floors. At Royal Surfaces we offer installation of Solid hardwood floors, Pre-Finished/Engineered Wood Floors, and Laminates. 
If you are not sure what would be the best type of floors for your home, contact or visit our showroom today and one of our pros will be happy to go over the different flooring options as well as different installation techniques that will best suit your needs.

Wood Flooring Installation: Services

Keep Your Floors Looking Great

  • Invest in a Whole-home Humidifier

    • Having it running before, during and after installation is the best way to help prevent gaps, squeaks, cupping, and other issues​. Remember, humidifiers help prevent but not eliminate these issues completely.

  • Set temperatures between 60-80 degrees.

    • Keeping a consistent temperature can help prevents floors from moving.​

  • Maintain your relative humidity levels between 35-55%

  • Turn on the dehumidifier in the summer.

    • Too much humidity can also damage your floors. Keep relative humidity levels between 35-55%.​

Wood Flooring Installation: Welcome
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