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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to move my furniture in areas of work?

  • Yes all furniture, paintings, wall hangings, and other items need to be removed from the room(s) work will be taking place.     

Is the sanding of floors dustless?

  • Yes, but unfortunately no system is 100% dustless, so you may expect some post clean-up.

  • We do mask all kitchen cabinets with plastic & vacuum all areas of work.

Are installations dustless?

  • No, installations are unfortunately not dustless. However we will vacuum as much as possible in areas of work.

Do you offer post clean-up?

  • Royal Surfaces does not provide post clean-up; however we can recommend a company that does.

Can my pets use the floors while work is going on?

  • No, unfortunately pets' claws can damage floors before they are even done. So keeping your pets away from floors through this process is essential.

When can I walk the floors again?

  • Floors can be carefully walked (with socks) after 3-4 hours from when stain/waterborne finish has been applied. 

When can furniture be placed back?

  • Furniture can be moved backed on floors after a minimum of 48 hours.

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